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Formulation Codes

Formulation Codes

AD Grain bait KP Combi – pack solid / solid
AE Aerosol dispenser/td> LA Lacquer
AL Any other liquid L Solution for seed treatment
AP Any other powder ME Micro – emulsion
BB Block bait MG Microgranule
BR Briquette OF Oil miscible flowable concentrate
(oil miscible suspension)
CB Bait concentrate CF Capsule Suspension for Seed Treatment
OL Oil miscible liquid CG Encapsulated granule
OP Oil dispersible powder CL Contact liquid or gel
PA Paste CP Contact powder
PB Plate bait CS Capsule suspension
PC Gel or paste concentrate DC Dispersible concentrate
PO Pour – on DL Drift less formulation ] #
PR Plant rodlet DP Dispersible powder
PS Seed coated with a pesticide DS Powder for dry seed treatment
RB Bait (ready for sue) DT Tablet for direct application
SA Spot – on EC Emulsifiable concentrate
SB Scrap bait ED Electro chargeable liquid
SC Suspension concentrate
( = flowable concentrate )
EG Emulsifiable granule
EO Emulsion, water in oil SE Suspo – emulsion
ES Emulsion for seed treatment SG Water soluble granules
EW Emulsion, oil in water SL Soluble concentrate
FD Smoke tin SO Spreading oil
FG Fine granule SP Water soluble powder
FK Smoke candle SS Water soluble powder for seed treatment
FP Smoke cartridage ST Water soluble tablet
FR Smoke rodlet SU Ultra – low volume ( ULV) suspension
FS Flow able concentrate for seed treatment TB Tablet
FT Smoke tablet TC Technical material
FU Smoke generator TK Technical concentrate
FW Smoke pellet TP Tracking powder*
GA Gas UL Ultra – low volume ( ULV ) liquid
GB Granular bait VP Vapour releasing product
GE Gas generating product WG Water dispersible granules
GF Gel for Seed Treatment WP Wettable powder
GG Macro granule WS Water dispersible powder for slurry seed treatment
GL Emulsifiable get GP Flo – dust
WT Water dispersible tablet G Granule
XX Others GS Grease
GW Water soluble gel HN Hot fogging concentrate
KK Combi – pack solid / liquid KL Combi – pack liquid / liquid
KN Cold fogging concentrate * Discontinued term; see CP.
# Japan; not a Crop Life International code.