Changes in the markets present an increasing challenge for manufacturers. Companies need to reposition themselves strategically to meet the challenge of increasingly stiff competition, changes in technologies and the trends towards whole-system business and extended customer services. The trend towards rationalization and modernization in the developing countries continues. Additional capacity has been created by adapting and keeping in touch with the ever changing advanced technologies. Increase in demands is created by introducing new quality products from international market, educating the consumers and by better understanding of the market through experience and diligent work.

Associates Company

Australia:  Tennent Oriental Co. Ltd.
Bangladesh:  Mikko Food Marketing (Bangladesh)
China :  Garmin Co.,Ltd. / Golden Mikko Kunming Co., Ltd.
India:  Tara Coffee (India) PVT Ltd.     
S.Korea:  Shina Corporation
Singapore:  Hong Hing Pte Ltd. / Mac Chem Pte Ltd./ GG Chow Service Co.,Ltd.
Thailand:  United Thai Corporation Ltd. / Mikko Food Marketing (Thailand)