Nay Yaung Eain

Nay Yaung Eain is a branch department of Golden Key Co.,ltd . We have introduced to market how to use solar lighting system and solar water pumping system since 2013. We are not only distribute the products but also we are providing service for technology.

We , Nay Yaung Eain have provided the service of Lighting system to over 500 household in currently . Nowadays , We have just installed DG Micro Grid system and Battery Charging System for each 10 household in Kan Tone Sint village , TiteGyie Township .


  • To perform for derivingelectricity and water for Rural areas cooperate with International NGO , Local NGO , Local Organisation.
  • We are performing to be best services and developing upgrade solar technology.

Company Detail

date   Date of Operation2013

date   Type of BusinessService

date   Number of Employess26